Fratellos Hot Dogs   31682 N US Hwy 12  Volo,IL60073   (815) 344-2692
Fratellos Hot Dogs
31682 N US Hwy 12
VoloIL 60073
 (815) 344-2692

Reviews Of Fratellos Hot Dogs

4.63 1046 Reviews
Worthley Burbank
Sep 20, 2018

Alex McCreight
Sep 19, 2018

Great place! Italian Beef is amazing! Good cheese fries too! Not as good as Portillo’s in Vernon Hills though.

Dave Hitzke
Sep 18, 2018

Great variety great food comfortable great prices

Jay T.
Sep 16, 2018

Been going to Fratello's since they were a single wide trailer in a cornfield on the corner of 12 &120. Always had great food!! Priced a little on the high side compared to competitors, but they have a great location, good atmosphere for a fast food joint and get you in and out with minimal wait

Richard Guerra
Sep 15, 2018

Great food at an excellent value. Our food came out very quickly and was made exactly the way we expected it. The restaurant is very clean and well maintained. There were so many tasty things on the menu and I settled on a beef and cheddar. Definitely worth the trip if you're in the area. The bathrooms are really clean as well. There is ample parking and you get a nice view of that boat dealers across the street

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